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TDL Profile: Tara Stiles: Online Yoga Guru

I don't know what percentage of our viewing audience does yoga, so the name Tara Stiles might not be familiar to you. But if it sounds vaguely familiar, it could be because she is also author of the most popular Huffington Post article ever, has a successful online web series, and models in her spare time. Vanity Fair calls her the "coolest yoga instructor ever," and we tend to agree.

Tara joined us to talk about her show, her problems with her iPhone, and some of her favorite apps. And if you want to try out yoga, or would like to find a cool gift for the yoga lover in your life, her DVD from Elle will be out the first week in January. Her book, Slim Calm Sexy is also on pre-order at Amazon.

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Nice interview

December 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGary

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