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Tiki Totems for the iPhone and iPod Touch Video Review

We've been on a bit of a cool, quick game drought on the iPhone app reviews, but today we come to an oasis with Tiki Totems. If you've ever played Topple, you might think this is a knockoff, but it is not. Think of it more as a reverse Jenga. Essentially, you remove stones strategically, with the simple, yet addicting goal of keeping the tiki from touching the ground, or going off the screen. Sure, the first few rounds are fairly easy, but in the second half of the first puzzle pack, things pick up.

You can only tap to remove gray blocks, the purple blocks break when they crash together as a result of the removal of a gray block, and black blocks always stay.

It's a quick, easy game to play for anyone of any skill level.

(iTunes link)

Here's a look:

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