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Video Poker: Jacks or Better for the iPhone Video Review

I enjoy video poker, but I'm not a very good player, so casino trips can easily lead to disaster. Fortunately, there are more than a dozen video poker apps for the iPhone. Today, we're looking at Video Poker: Jacks or Better from Gee Logic.

As the name implies, this version of Video Poker offers the Jacks or Better variant, and that is the only version in this app: If you're looking for deuces wild or other variations, you'll need to look to a different app. Also, this app is limited in that each round is one 5 credit bet: there's no max bet or increased bet options. And finally, you start with a pot of 500 credits, and play until those are exhausted, or until you reset the game. This means there's no way to post a high score.

It's a very basic, more of a proof-of-concept poker game without any frills (or sound effects for that matter.) If you want to learn or, just want to play without any bells and whistles, you might enjoy this version, but if you're looking to simulate the actual casino experience, you'll want to be sure to check out the other Video Poker options.

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Here's a look:

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