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50 Years of Robotics LIVE!

Hey, you may be wondering what's going on over on our player today.  Well instead of our usual fun lineup, we have a fun and interesting event:  Live from the University of Pennsylvania, a symposium Celebrating 50 Years of Robotics featuring top scientists discussing the field of robotics.  Check it out!


The lineup includes:

  • Nancy Amato, Texas A&M, USA,Motion Planning: from Pianos to Robots to Molecules
  • Antonio Bicchi, University of Pisa, Italy, Towards a Society of Robots: Robot Behaviors, Misbehaviors, and Agreements"
  • Steve Cousins, Willow Garage, USA, A Platform for Personal Robotics
  • Allison Okamura, Johns Hopkins University, USA,Medical and Healthcare Robotics: Achievements and Opportunities
  • Daniela Rus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, From modular robots to programmable matter
  • Gaurav Sukhatme, University of Southern California, USA, Exploring the Coastal Ocean using Underwater Robots
  • Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohuku University, Japan, Rescue Robotics Challenge
  • James Ostrowski, Evolution Robotics, USA, From the Manufacturing to the Living Room Floor: Past, Present, and Future of Commercial Robotics
  • Yuan Zheng, Ohio State University, USA, 50 Years of Biped Locomotion



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