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iSpy Cameras for the iPhone and iPod Touch Video Review

I've always thought that the global network of webcams is one of the most under-utilized creations of our modern age. Put all the Big Brother fears aside for a minute, and consider the amaxing feat that we can be transported via video to almost anywhere on the planet. And now, we can even do it on the iPhone and iPod Touch thanks to iSpy Cameras.

The app is fast and fun, displaying a grid of 12 cameras from around the globe. But once you start flicking, you will see there are actually dozens of pages of these cameras. Tap on one and it fills the screen. The really incredible part is many of the camera are also controllable by you. By swiping the screen you can often pan left or right, or you can select from several presets. Sure you could do this in the past on a computer, but the packaging of so many cameras into a slick interface for the iPhone is really the selling point of iSpy Cameras.

The only downside is some particular areas of the world are not covered. TDL's home port of Philadelphia for example is not (currently) represented. All of this is subject to change with updates of course.

The locales that are available are varied and fascinating. From oceanside views, to indoor skate parks, they're all fascinating in their own way.

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Here's a look:

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Reader Comments (1)

And don't forget the original application which inspired iSpy, "Live Cams" (of which I'm the author).

Live Cams was the #2 app in Canada, #6 in the United States, and #1 in over 12 countries in June 2009. This inspired the author of iSpy to create a similar app.

Live Cams is also available in the app store and is currently residing in the top 200 in the US.

December 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBarry Egerter

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