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Will iPhone unlocking continue?

With the official App store launch presumably little more than two weeks away at most, many iPhone owners are content to wait for the Apple-sanctioned App store to start adding new software functionality to their devices. From day one though, there's been an unclear number of people who have chosen to "jailbreak" their phones, allowing them to try a variety of programs and features, some of which won't be available to the masses even with Apple's software store.

However, with what's expected to be a wide range of software, much of it free, available in the App store, will there still be a reason beyond just for fun tech exploration, to jailbreak the iPhone? It's one thing to go through the steps and risk "bricking" the phone to use a wide array of programs, but if most of those same programs are available through the App store without fear of damaging the phone, can the jailbreak scene survive/thrive after the App store?

Let us know what you think.

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