Marketing and its fusion with data

One of the antidotes to so much uncertainty and change, of course, that is gaining more space in the discourse of marketing is that of data, that is, the analysis of the data that arise from the study of consumer behavior. It is in some way, a possibility to set directions based on the actions themselves and not on out-of-date recipes, because of this data a bariatric surgeon, for example, can know how many people have an excess of body fat that may be interested in gastric sleeve surgery Tijuana Mexico .

Today, in some cases you get up to 60% of online ticket purchases. Through the study of the previous consumption variables, we can predict with a reasonable approximation of what the performance of the premieres will be like in the halls.

The film industry is one of those that at the time was beaten by the irruption of several technologies that were disruptive at the time, from cable television to video, now passing through Netflix. However, they managed to find their appeal as a non-transferable experience of consumption and today the cinema continues to set audience records.

To be able to estimate the attendance of spectators to the cinema for the films that are going to come in the future. To be able to make communication decisions and our budget to be able to go out and find those audiences with the right message “Today there is an average online purchase share of 36%, and in some rooms, the digital channel exceeds 60%.

The fourth industrial revolution.
This is the mobile revolution, the fourth industrial revolution and it is characterized because it is changing the frontiers of how we communicate and how we can reach people.

The Internet is a little over 25 years old, and that can be a lot or a little depending on how you look at it. But, judging from the changes that occurred, what matters most is the intensity of the transformation, and everything seems to be literally in the palm since the main protagonist is the smart cell phone.

Smartphones already account for 55% of all mobile connections in Latin America, and globally there are already 5,700 million computers with which is approaching the equalization with the world population.

The truth is that today the manual of the marketer is written day by day, or rather, minute by minute, to the rhythm of technological change and relationship between the consumer and brands and the environment.

5 Ways Product Packaging Companies Improve Retail Sales

Every brand shares a common goal: increase product sales. While most brands believe their products are superior to the competition’s, in reality they are all pretty similar. After all, multiple window cleaners pretty much offer the same results, and basic yellow mustard brands all seem to offer the same taste. Unless a customer is a brand-hound and is loyal to Nike or Heinz, most buyers admit to making purchasing decisions based on the product’s packaging and presentations. This is why brands invest with top product packaging printing companies for retail, and ensure the commercial packaging company meets all the requirements to help improve their sales. Here are five ways these organizations do just that.

1. Product Packaging Design is Simple and Direct

There is a big variance between an over-the-top design and an eye-catching one. Too many graphics cause conflict and internal competition for catching the eye, and too many colors cause chaos. The best product printing companies design packaging that offers a clean look while using messaging and graphics that don’t crowd the space yet delivers value to the buyer.

2. Consider Eco Friendly Packaging

Does it make sense for your organization to use eco friendly packaging? Unless you sell cans of motor oil or aerosol deodorant, you may want to consider going green with your retail packaging options. We live in an eco-centered world, and more customers are making purchasing choices that support environmental friendliness. When adding print to your packaging that lets people know it is manufactured with a nod to sustainability, sales will likely go us. But this doesn’t simply mean your folding cartons or rigid gift boxes are made from recycled materials, it also means green considerations went into logistics and shipping too!

3. Use Imagery that Speaks to Your Buyers

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And this is exactly what you want your product packaging to do: tell a story to your target buyers. Once you have identified your buyer persona and know what their common pains are and what types of solutions exist for them, use relevant images that speak directly to your customer’s needs as opposed to run-of-the-mill graphics that “seem to make sense”. Most buyers spend seconds scanning the shelves. Your graphics, colors, layout, design and even the font needs to make sense with the goal to convert aisle cruisers into buyers.

4. Seasonally Switch Up Your Product Packaging

Too many brands think that one package is good enough for the year, but the most successful organizations know better. Your packaging should reflect special events, seasons and holidays in order to enhance the shopping experience for buyers. If you are seeking a box design for bar snacks, consider creating a specific number of boxes for Super Bowl Sunday. If you need box designs for vacuum cleaners, consider some for spring time using spring cleaning as a seasonal queue. Get creative and create familiarity at the same time!

5. Tell Your Story

People love to buy things that inspire them. If your brand has a story that can be told in a sentence or two, include this messaging in the product packaging design with complimentary imagery. For example, Nike’s retail sales soared when they branded “Just Do It” on their products. If your organization can inspire buyers while telling your story there is great potential for connecting with customers and increasing sales. Give people a reason to feel motivated through your story, and with that comes trust that will translate into revenue growth.

Legends Of Music And Film Give Important Marketing Lessons

When it comes to sales, almost everything can give us valuable lessons and the successes of music and film are no exception, to have great sales have planned great strategies that take care of even the smallest details even the cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana that actors need to look perfect. And is that the entertainment industry like any other group with business objectives needs a strategy and a leader capable of executing it to achieve goals.

Music and the return to the origins.
The Rolling Stones demonstrates that when a strategy is clear and one is able to adapt to the needs and tastes of the consumer, success is achieved.

But it is not the only successful step that the legendary English band has given. “Blue and Lonesome”, their last album, return to their first days as a blues band, and it is this return to the origins that makes them a good example of marketing.

This group is the best example that the theories that say that the life cycle of a product is short, are wrong. Organizations can learn a lot from rock bands because the world of music has been able to combine many talents beyond the musical and, in doing so, has generated enormous wealth and fortunes.

The career of actor Clint Eastwood can be an interesting case of how change, far from representing a threat, can turn into an opportunity. Eastwood, an erratic actor, who seemed not to have many records and who triumphed in the style ‘spaghetti western’, because he knew how to turn his career around and become a versatile professional. Today he is one of the best directors, producers, and actors in Hollywood and it is precisely thanks to the sense of freedom he has. Do what you want, control every moment of your career. Not in the controlling sense of the word, but almost as a moral value.

Vintage Technology

When we grow old it is true that there are things we do not like, like gray hair, having to wear glasses or having to occupy Tijuana dental implants, but at that age usually has greater purchasing power (of course if you know how to manage the money) and it is for that large companies take into account the segments with more years of age when creating new products or in this case re-produce products of old models as is the case of cellular. Analysts understand that the return of emblematic brands, stamps, and benefits discarded by high-end products (physical keyboard, for example) have their origin in the slowdown in the pace of innovation. For two years, minimum, the new flagship models of the largest global manufacturers (Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and LG) do not have major differences with the previous ones; smartphones are still They do not bring great news, but the demand for smartphones does not stop growing.

It does not stop being curious what happens with the manufacture of cell phones. The high-end models, on the one hand, are the most profitable, but those that break out are more modern versions of old successes, as is the case of the Nokia 3310, the second best-selling in its history. After leading the market for several years, Nokia went into crisis and was acquired by Microsoft, which failed in its attempt to revive it. The license was taken over by HDM, a Finnish startup created by former engineers and designers of the ex-Nokia. Sounds weird, but it is.

On the characteristics stands out by his reliability, the durability of the battery, the quality of the materials, the design of the device and the simplicity of use. The team. And it has a numeric keypad and basic functions, such as a browser, camera and voice recorder, nothing more.

Nokia is betting on a nostalgic segment, an audience that yearns for the physical keyboard. But it’s a niche bet, it’s an old niche because the market is migrating to smartphones and data consumption. ” We will have to wait to see how it evolves because a recent statistic from the GSMA itself indicates that almost half of the people – 47% – use the cell phone only for voice calls and text messages.

Marketing wants to adopt automation and virtual reality

Much has been talked about if this year a couple of technologies that have been working on their development for a long time have already been put into practice and we are all eager to try the newest and more if it is to increase the success of our company.

One of these new techniques is that of automation, which is not only the common practices that all Dental tourism Mexico professionals carry out for some systems to work on their own, but now it is planned to cover a much more demanding level: of customer service.

We all already know the customer service through the use of chatbots, or robots that chat, since it has been a practice that is very much in use today because it is not only available for web pages but also many social networks already have this application Although sometimes it is not very well accepted by customers who are served by these systems because they feel they are not talking to someone real.

And the other most anticipated is virtual reality. Although commercial application seems distant, and some companies have made the leap to this type of technology as seeing how your house would be with a new piece of furniture through your cell phone without having to buy it, without a doubt this technology requires a lot of investment and is usually used by large companies, even with imagination, this tool has endless uses.

Although at this time is still a bit away from Online Marketing, virtual or augmented reality is sure to have much influence in the world of marketing. The world is updated and the barriers that prevent us from using new technologies are being broken, as happened with live broadcasts through video, the main problem is not having platforms for its dissemination. Already in live streaming has been fixed with YouTube, Facebook and Instagram updates.

So in the case of virtual reality, although its usefulness for marketing does not end up being real, some companies such as Google or Microsoft, which are some of those that rule the world of technology, have invested a lot in this new technology and they begin to develop elements that could, finally, give a new field for the diffusion of the contents.

Únete a la vanguardia de los pagos con tarjeta de crédito

Hoy en día tener una tienda virtual es una de las mejores cosas que se puede hacer como microempresarios, en especial si lo que se quiere es darse a conocer tanto nacional, como internacionalmente. Sin embargo, de nada sirve aprovechar al máximo las oportunidades digitales si no se cuenta con un buen sistema de pagos.

¿Por qué aceptar tarjetas de crédito?

Es uno de los métodos de pago más usados. Ya sea por la seguridad que ofrece o por su fácil manejo, hoy en día las tarjetas de crédito se han convertido en uno de los métodos de pago más usados en México. Incluso dentro de internet, es normal que los usuarios hagan compras usando su tarjeta para realizar los pagos.

Mejora las ventas y disminuye las fugas. Al aceptar tarjetas de crédito se puede aumentar el número de clientes, pues ya que no solo se manejará efectivo, las personas que visitan la tienda online adquieren confianza para realizar las compras desde casa. Además el uso de la tarjeta de crédito, ayuda a disminuir los costos, que están asociados al manejo que se hace de dinero en efectivo, además de que ayuda a disminuir las fugas.

Se puede contar con meses sin intereses. Es normal que los empresarios vendan productos que muchas veces aunque sean del interés de los clientes, resulten tener precios muy elevados para ellos. Es entonces que utilizar este método de pago resulta una ventaja, ya que se les puede ofrecer meses sin intereses. De este modo no solo se logra llegar al cliente, sino que también ellos deciden comprar lo que quieren, por lo cual aumentan las ventas.

Se crea la oportunidad de expandir el negocio. Independientemente de cuáles sean los productos que se vendan, si lo que se busca es expandir el negocio no solo en México, sino también en el extranjero, es necesario que se agregue la tarjeta de crédito como un método más de pago, pues de otro modo resultaría difícil comprar.

Puedes disponer de dinero. Un pensamiento erróneo que tienen muchos comerciantes, al momento de analizar la idea de integrar las tarjetas de crédito a su forma de pago, es que ellos no podrán disponer del dinero que se les pagó hasta después de bastante tiempo. Esto no es así, aunque es verdad que no se puede disponer del dinero en el mismo instante en el que se deposita, lo cierto es que solo hay que esperar un periodo de 24 a 48 horas para poder contar con él. Además existen diversas plataformas de procesamiento de pagos, las cuales sirven tanto para negocios virtuales como reales, los cuales te permiten recibir pagos a través de tarjetas de crédito, depósito bancario o en tiendas y farmacias. Luego de descontar una comisión, estas plataformas transfieren lo que los clientes pagan, incluso se pueden realizar retiros los cuales llegan al siguiente día.

Proporciona credibilidad a tu negocio. Un negocio profesional les proporciona a los clientes diversos métodos de pago de modo que ellos se puedan sentir seguros, con la confianza de que su producto será enviado a casa luego de realizar el pago.

Como se puede ver son varios los motivos por los cuales el agregar la tarjeta de crédito como uno de los métodos de pago de un negocio puede ser fundamental, no solo para que los clientes puedan comprar lo que quieren sino también para que ellos mismo recomienden la tienda y de ese modo se pueda expandir.

3 Tips for Finding the Best ADR Services in Los Angeles

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) is a technology, art and science paramount to a variety of creative projects. Sound supervisors for animated shows, film, TV and advertising are often responsible for finding ADR recording and mixing studios capable of completing the needed services while offering a perfect experience. When it comes to working with the best ADR studios in Los Angeles, knowing what to look for will help facilitate the successful completion of your recording project.

Los Angeles is especially hyper-competitive when it comes to recording studios that specialize in ADR for post-production and live recording. With ongoing film and TV projects in Burbank, Culver City, Hollywood and other parts of LA, it seems there is a sound studio for ADR on every corner, so find the the best of the best can be a challenge. Here are three tips based on the most common criteria for past and present film and television industry professionals seeking ADR services in Los Angeles.

1. Time is of the Essence when it Comes to ADR Services in LA

From the moment a sound supervisor submits a query regarding their project with an ADR studio, the standard turn-around for a response is 24 hours. The best ADR studios in Los Angeles will respond within a few hours. Not only does a quick reply demonstrate efficiency, it also gives sound supervisors that peace of mind that they are dealing with a studio that respects the clock. ADR services must be designed to execute, go into edits, and finalize all within the window of time given by the project manager. Any delay can result in huge losses by a motion picture company, so finding a studio run by experienced automated dialogue replacement experts who can master deadlines is crucial.

2. Check Out the ADR Studio’s Portfolio of Past Projects

It goes without saying that past work testifies to skill and industry trust. Look for a Los Angeles studio offering ADR services that has a wide range of projects. Avoid the studio that only has student or minimal advertising projects as their only testimonies. Instead, look for a studio that has worked with well-known hit TV shows, Hollywood blockbuster films, animated hits and big brand advertising projects. Power brands and film companies partner with power recording studios. So if you want to work with the best ADR studio in LA, look for one that has performed automated dialogue replacement for the best in film and television.

3. ADR Studio Facilities

The last thing a sound supervisor needs is wasting his or her time with a small group working out of some basement in Encino. When reaching out to ADR studios in Los Angeles with your questions, make sure one of them focuses on the quality of their facilities. Be sure to ask how many sound stages they have. It is especially a good sign that you are working with the best in the business if they have studios coast to coast. Their studios should include state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the environment itself. When doing live shoots and recordings, the studio should offer exceptional comfort and customer service for actors, producers, directors and managers.

The Best ADR Studio in Los Angeles Will be Your Production Partner

The best ADR studio in Los Angeles to meet your needs is out there, you just have to invest the time into finding it. When you are able to nail down an audio recording studio that honors time and deadlines, has a rich project portfolio brimming with the best film and TV projects in Hollywood, and a modern studio environment with multiple locations, you have likely found the best studio to partner with for the rest of your professional life.

2 Technologies to Consider for Your Special Event Stage Design

UI designer Damian Jolley said that good design is like a refrigerator–when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks. If you are in a managerial or production role for putting together an unforgettable stage design for your special event, then you know your reputation is on the line. One misstep can result in a stink of a show, but when you work with the best digital stage design companies who excel in the creative execution of multiple technologies, you are in the best position to pull of a show people will be raving about for years while you come out of the engagement smelling like roses.

Work With an Established Creative and Technical Stage Design Company

In order to compete with today’s top brands, you can’t rely on your MacBook and a projector; you need the creative direction and execution of an established stage design company. This is a paramount vendor to your project. The top technology-focused stage designers offer multiple technologies that can be conjoined to offer jaw-dropping visuals that entertain and educate your audience. These special event shows and product launches are also works of performance and media art that touch on promoting your brand and spreading its identity–something not easily accomplished by a brand manager or any internal teams. Here are two main technologies to consider for your special event offered by the best in stage design technology.

3D Mapping for Stage Design

3D mapping, also known as 3D projection mapping, spatial augmented reality and video mapping, is a projection technology that transforms ordinary objects into display surfaces for projection technology. In most cases, these surfaces come in irregular shapes, or are complex industrial landscapes like buildings or indoor objects. Specialized software is either sourced or engineered internally by technology-forward stage design companies to map mimicked real environments onto surfaces. The software often interacts with projectors to fit any image onto an object’s surface. When special events use the optical illusions and notions of movement that 3D mapping provides, an extra dimensional layer is added to enhance an audio-video narrative. The Hotel Ukrania was brought to life with 3D mapping, and so too can your special event with this type of artistic technology.

Virtual Reality for Staged Events

Over the past two decades, theatres have been utilizing virtual reality (VR) in their experimental projects to engage audience members more deeply into productions. For example, in 1993 the Banff Centre for the Arts collaborated with Brenda Laurel to create a Palceholder using VR through mounted displays. This was one of the first attempts.

Consider partnering with a technology stage design company offering VR ti do everything from creating 3D graphics to character animation while integrating sounds and voices to tell your brand;s narrative and reveal exciting product launches. Samsung partnered with Sila Sveta to release their Galaxy S7 using virtual reality technology, and the synchronized digital experience was one consumers haven’t stopped talking about!

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

If you own a small business and want to promote it, then it would not be a wise idea to spend a significant amount on advertising and promotions. For a smaller business, the primary guideline is to attract the maximum number of clients, while spending the least amount of money.

There are different methods of marketing a small business. Inbound marketing is an efficient way of attracting clients. In inbound marketing, unlike advertising, you do not reach out to the customer by using promotional schemes such as advertisements in newspapers and TV, you lure the client to your business. You should make your presence felt to the client when he or she needs it.

A good business needs to earn its clients reputation, not buy it by spending huge amounts of money. Therefore, the most cost-effective option for small business marketing is to promote your business by a website. A website is cheap to design and easy to maintain and monitor. Through efficient search engine optimization skills, you can get your website a higher rank in the free search listings of search engines, which will bring potential customers to your site at virtually no cost. There are several agencies that specialize in SEO, one of them being KatRank.

Content or matter is the most important thing that helps in building searches on search engines and brings the website on the top since it uses keywords that are usually searched by the users and of course, the information they try to find on a certain site. Therefore, the quality, strength, and clarity of the content are paramount.

Another cheap option for small business internet marketing is to use social networking websites to your benefit. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and many other social networking websites have millions of viewers and can help boost your business’s reputation.

You can choose to make pages and groups to promote your business and hold discussions where you can answer queries and questions of your prospective buyers, thus increasing your reputation as well as credibility. You can also update about your new promotions and deals to viewers to gain their interest in your business and bring them to your website. So making use of these efficient and cheap small business marketing tips, you can efficiently increase the traffic on your site and gain many potential visitors and buyers while spending the least amount.