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About Us:

Serving as the first online video network dedicated to Apple news and rumors, The Digital Lifestyle also has the largest collection of Apple-related videos in the world. From iPod and iPhone game reviews, to interviews with technology luminaries, we strive to be the single destination for Apple video.

The Digital Lifestyle was founded by former Apple employees, who bring their intimate knowledge of the company to our network and blog. Additionally, original shows highlight our unique experience. Root Access features the best advice, stories, and tips from Jamie DeGrazio, former Mac Genius. Each week TDL Live serves up a live look at the latest Apple news, rumors, and technology lifestyle information.

Our videos are seen across several sites, and are syndicated on YouTubeRevverBlipMetaCafe, Viddler, HowcastDailyMotionVeoh, and Yahoo, with more partners on the way.


The People:

Ryan Ritchey, Creator, Co-Host - A former Apple employee, and award-winning filmmaker, reporter, and radio host, Ryan has brought all of that experience together with TDL. Watch for his daily news updates, live reports, and co-host duties on Root Access. He’s always available via email at

Adam Ford: Host - Ford's Focused, Co-Host - TDL Live - Adam got his start with Apple making the "turtle" boogie on the Apple II.  Professionally, Adam made his debut in Retail as a Mac Specialist.  He then went to the left coast to keep an eye on all that money coming into Apple, and now Adam Ford is co-host of TDL Live, and watches Apple’s effect on the business world. He tends to get a bit excited so he started Ford's Focused to channel all that energy for good. Send him an email at

Jamie DeGrazio, Co-Host, Root Access - Once a genius, always a genius. Former “Mac Genius” Jamie DeGrazio offers his technical help and advice as co-host of Root Access. Stump Jamie with a tough Apple question at

Callie Snow, Promos - Callie is our version of a VJ. You’ll see her introducing various shows and promos. Despite her years of acting experience, her passion for Apple products is all real!

Stacy Lutner, Show Producer - Someone’s got to keep this group in line! In addition to occasional on-camera cameos, Stacy handles the behind the scenes work. Think of her as the OS of the show. Her Mac background goes all the way back to doing Demo Days for Apple at Sears!